New varieties this week

Last week I picked up three new bags of coffee from my importer here in Houston and I am very excited to offer some new origins. From talking with my customers, I have added two popular requests: 1. A great decaf that is processed with pure water (no harsh chemicals) and tastes so good, you wonder if it is a decaf, and 2. a Mexican dark roast that has the smoky, bittersweet flavors that you would expect in a dark roast but with some nuanced floral aromas and a delicious sweet aftertaste. Along with this, I also purchased an Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. It is a beautiful light roast with blueberry, lemon, warm spices, sweet floral aroma... the list goes on. This coffee is complex, exciting, and my new favorite. Check out our beans page for a full description of the new varieties. 

All three new coffees will be available at the Farmer's Market this week, by the cup and by the bag. We hope to see you there!

Bryan HibbardComment