Education week for Fort Bend Coffee Roasters

This week, we are heading to CoffeeFest in Seattle to take classes, make connections, and learn what we can from the headliners of the coffee world. We are just a small roaster serving our community but we have big dreams that will hopefully one day include a full-on brick and mortar coffee shop. Getting knowledge about the business of coffee is one of our most important concerns right now. That said, we won't be at the market on Saturday, October 5, so if you need coffee, this is a great time to try our easy online store. I will be roasting before our after our trip so we will be sure that you get fresh coffee as soon as we can roast it.

Also this week, I will be visiting one of my coffee suppliers to sample the top coffees from this year's Cup of Excellence competition in Rwanda. The Cup of Excellence is a an event that is held in most coffee-producing countries that determines the best coffees available for a harvest year. The top 15 or so coffees are then put up for auction. Cup of Excellence coffees can be rather expensive, but if I find something that is just amazing, I may have to get it and bring it you. I have not had much coffee from Rwanda so I am looking forward to exploring this origin.

Bryan HibbardComment