Clever Coffee Drippers (come and get one)

I am very excited to announce that we will be selling Clever Coffee Drippers at the Sugarland and Fulshear markets. This is our response to many of our customer's frustrations with their K-cup brewer or their auto-drip machine. We wanted to offer a simple, affordable brewing device that is easy to use and maintain and that produces an exceptional cup of coffee with minimal effort.

The Clever is a full immersion brewing device (like a French press) where the coffee grounds and water are in full contact throughout the brewing phase. This produces a coffee that is sweeter and more full bodied than a drip coffee maker. The problem many people have with the French press though is the grit you get at the bottom of your cup. The Clever solves this problem by using a regular paper cone filter. It looks similar to the pour-over I use at the Sugarland Market but it has a valve on the bottom that holds the coffee until it is placed on a mug.

This makes brewing very simple. Add filter, add ground coffee, add hot water, and then once you have brewed for the amount of time you want, put it on your mug and the coffee pours out. The thing that is so cool about this brewer is that it makes a cup that is every bit as good as a skillfully prepared pour-over but without all the fuss. My wife uses the Clever Coffee Dripper every morning while watching our two young kids.

Below is a detailed brewing guide. Directions that are in italic are optional and will slightly increase the quality of the brew but can be skipped if you are short on time. You can also watch my wife's Clever Coffee Dripper guide. She makes it look easy... because it is.

Clever Brewing Guide

  1. Heat good tasting water to boiling (strive to pour at about 30 seconds off the boil). Insert a #4 cone filter into the Clever.
  2. Rinse your paper filter with the hot water and preheat your mug by setting the Clever on it. Discard water. This removes any paper taste from the filter and insures a steady brewing temperature (optional).
  3. Grind your fresh coffee to a medium to medium-fine grind (the finer you grind, the less time you will let it steep). Size: 10-oz mug (18 grams, a little less than 4 Tablespoons of coffee). 12-oz mug (22 grams, 4 to 5 tablespoons), 16-oz mug (28 grams, 6 Tablespoons of coffee). Add coffee to filter.
  4. Pour in the hot water with the Clever off of your mug. Add an ounce more than the mug can hold as some of the water will stay in the grounds (Or you can just eyeball it and pull the Clever before it overflows your mug!). Put the lid on to maintain brewing temperature.
  5. Set the timer for 3-6 minutes (your preference, 4 minutes is a good starting point).
  6. Stir the coffee in the filter once about 1 minute into brewing and again when the timer goes off. This introduces more turbulence to the grounds and makes the brew slightly stronger (optional).
  7. When your 3-6 minutes are up, put the Clever on top of your mug and the coffee will pour out the bottom. Enjoy!

Making a great cup of coffee at home is not hard, you just need the right equipment. We will be selling our Clever Coffee Drippers for $23.00, plus you get a free 100 pack of filters with your purchase.

Bryan HibbardComment