FBCR is two

Ok, I fail as a blogger. It has been months since I posted anything new. The main reason is that we have been busy getting to work. Roasting coffee, seeking new accounts, and planning for the future. We have now been at this for two years and while the first year was a huge roller-coaster with lots of new things, year two has been more steady, with lots and lots of planning. It has involved a few new key accounts (like Kosmos Coffee in Katy, Yay!) and a lot of work on doing what we already do better (namely, farmers markets).

Through it all, we have been blessed with a community that has embraced our coffee, and our philosophy as a company. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy good coffee. With that in mind, we roast good coffee, try our best to make it easily accessible while it is still fresh and delicious, and we offer advice to anyone who will listen on how best to prepare our coffee. That's us in a nutshell. That really has not changed since we started two years ago at a farmers market in the middle of the summer. We are thankful to all our loyal customers who come to the markets, or buy our coffee online. We are especially thankful to those who have shared our coffee with their friends and family and helped to convert other people to FBCR.

So, what can you expect in year 3? Quite a bit actually!

  • Very soon, (as in, as soon as it opens) we will be selling at Harvest Natural Market in Katy (http://www.harvestnaturalmarket.com). This will be our first grocery store account and we hope to work closely with them to keep our offerings new and fresh.
  • We are also in talks with a few potential coffee shops/bakeries in our area. More info as it comes.
  • We are tasting lots of new coffees to pick our next offerings. I am hoping to finally offer a solid Costa Rica in the coming year (we have yet to offer a single coffee from the country).
  • We have an espresso machine in our roastery now, and I plan to offer some informal "come-and-drink-coffee-and-chat" mornings at the roastery (definitely need to think of a better name for the event...). Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for dates and times.
  • Finally, the big news is that we are working with some friends to open a coffee shop in the Richmond area in Spring of 2016. I can't say much yet, since we still have lots of details to work out. But I can say that I (Bryan, the head roaster) will be running the coffee program for the shop so it will be the official coffee shop of Fort Bend Coffee Roasters. We are excited that we will finally have a place to showcase our coffee outside of the farmer's markets. I promise to share more details as we make decisions.

Thanks again friends for supporting our little family business. We hope to bring you great coffee for years to come.

Bryan HibbardComment