A part of the club

Hi FBCR friends, we (Bryan and Abby) have been in Kansas City all week getting our Barista Level 1 certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It has been an intensive few days of classes and testing, in which we consumed way too much coffee. But it has been a blast learning new things about coffee, meeting new people and practicing our craft.

It is amazing how small the coffee world really is. We were trained by a Barista competition judge, as well as a US Barista competitor who has frequently placed in the top three in the nation (Trevor Corlett of Madcap Coffee). Today, while each of us were waiting to take our practical espresso exam, we got to watch the documentary Barista. In case you have not heard about the movie, it is a great film about baristas preparing for the US Barista competition in 2013. One of our instructors was featured in the movie. Then, while we were watching an interview with Pete Licata (the 2013 US barista champ, as well as the 2013 world barista champ) on the documentary, Pete stops by the training lab in person. He does some work for the lab and was there to pick up his check.

It is fun to be a part of the group, and to learn from some of the best in the industry. I hope we can bring our knowledge back to the people of Fort Bend County to offer you the best coffee experience you can get anywhere. All this training is in preparation for our coffee shop in Richmond that we are planning to open Spring of 2016. I hope we can deliver an exceptional coffee program that is both approachable, and better than anything you have had before. I am really thankful for all the hard working people at the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the wonderful resources they have for us.

By the way, Abby and I both passed our exams! 

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