Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen: Coming Soon

I can't say enough how lucky I feel to have gotten to this point. We are nearly three years into my business. It started as a way to make some side money with a hobby. It has grown into a business that is changing the coffee scene in Fort Bend County. I'm still not quite sure how I got here. But I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who propel us forward.

I might have shared this story before, but I still think it is pretty amazing how this all came together. Back in the early days of FBCR, a guy, who was friends with a chef, bought our coffee. He loved it, and kept bugging his chef friend until he tried it. That chef is Chris Zettlemoyer, who will be the operating partner for our new shop. Chris loved the coffee and bugged his friends who run a farm (The Barry Farm) until they came by my booth. I became friends with the owners of the Barry Farm, Geoff and Renee, and we decided to do a brunch at the farm, with food prepared by chef Chris and with my coffee to pair with each course. Cody and Aimee Frederick, long time customers and friends of the Barry Farm, attended the brunch. They had been throwing around the idea of opening a coffee shop with an equally amazing coffee and food program. Unlike most people who have the idea to open a coffee shop, Cody and Aimee are veterans of the restaurant industry, and they had the time, resources, and knowledge to make it a reality. Cody and I chatted at the event, and the rest is history.

I am now getting ready to open a shop with Chris, Cody, Aimee, and likely with some ingredients grown and raised at the Barry Farm. All of us, get the amazing opportunity to come together and create something spectacular for you.

An architectural rendering of the interior of Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen

An architectural rendering of the interior of Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen

Our new shop, the one I have been hinting at on this blog for most of the year, is nearing the finish line. Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen will be opening this summer in Richmond, TX (611 Jackson St., corner of 90A and 7th, if you are curious). It doesn't look like much right now, but we are quickly transforming the existing structure into a coffee shop and roastery. FBCR will be moving our digs from our "warehouse out in the country" to a more streamlined space that will be directly connected to the coffee shop. This was very important to me, as I want our customers to see their coffee being roasted on-site. If I can bridge the gap and get my average customer to see that our coffee, that ends as a delicious beverage, starts with the care and attention of the farmer, processor, importer, and roaster in tandem, then I feel I have accomplished something.

The shop is going to have a little something for everyone. Of course, the centerpiece will be FBCR coffee, and I will get the opportunity to showcase more exclusive lots than I can offer at the shops I currently supply. We will serve a full line of espresso beverages made on a brand new La Marzocco Linea PB. Along with this, we will offer pour-over coffee, loose tea, iced tea, milkshakes, and an amazing breakfast and lunch menu crafted by chef Chris Zettlemoyer.

Don't worry, I will keep you posted as we get closer to the opening date. I hope Blockhouse will become "your place," the place you go for great coffee, great food, and to spend time with your community.

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