Pour-over coffee brewing fundamentals
2:00 PM14:00

Pour-over coffee brewing fundamentals

Want to learn how to brew better coffee at home? Come join barista Sergio Garcia at Fort Bend Coffee Roasters to learn the finer points of manual coffee brewing using a pour-over device. This is a great way to make a single cup of coffee that allows you to control all the variables in the brewing process. The ticket price ($20) includes a bag of FBCR coffee and a brewing guide. Pour-over devices and filters will be available for purchase.

The class size is capped at 8 people so that everyone can get hands-on experience making a pour over. Class will be taught by our lead barista, Sergio Garcia, a veteran of the Houston coffee scene who has been working in coffee for 12 years.

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Gaiwan Tea Brewing Fundamentals
4:00 PM16:00

Gaiwan Tea Brewing Fundamentals

Want to learn how to make amazing loose tea at home? We are offering a class to introduce the Eastern style of tea brewing using one of the best tools, the gaiwan. You've seen one before, you just may not remember it. Think back to those campy kung fu movies with the bad voice overs and there is the old sifu sitting down sipping his tea while his student gets the tar beat out of him. He is sipping his tea from a gaiwan. A traditional lidded cup, that has been used for tea brewing for centuries.

The gaiwan is excellent for green and oolong teas but can work well for all types of tea that are derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant (not herbal teas). The gaiwan is a small vessel that is meant to hold a large quantity of tea that is steeped multiple times to bring out layers of flavor and aroma in high quality teas.

Your ticket includes:
1. One porcelain gaiwan
2. 1 oz loose tea
3. Gaiwan brewing guide

The class size is capped at 8 people so that everyone gets hands-on experience with their gaiwan. Class will be taught by Bryan Hibbard, owner of Fort Bend Coffee Roasters and a long-time tea lover.

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