Guatemala: Finca El Retiro

Honey. Orange. Chocolate.

This classic Central American coffee comes from the Santa Rosa region in southeastern Guatemala. It is produced by Finca El Retiro and was offered as a small lot this year. I was able to get a good portion of this lot to use as my standard Guatemala. This coffee fits the bill, with notes of orange and chocolate and an interesting floral aroma that reminds me of orange blossoms. The body is thick and it has a nice snappy sweet orange acidity. All of these flavors are delivered with a subtle finesse that exemplifies a great Guatemalan lot. 

Region: Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Variety: Catimor, Catuai
Elevation: 4900 ft
Process: Wet process
Cup Characteristics: Honey, orange blossom, milk chocolate, floral, sweet finish
Roast: Medium
Size: 12-oz

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