Honduras: Finca La Tigra

Tropical fruit. Malt. Apple.

I have the great honor of selling this small lot exclusively. This coffee comes from the farm of Hermenegildo Alcerro. Mr. Alcerro has been growing coffee since 1976. This, along with a number of other very small lots were brought in through the BECAMO cooperative. This 100% Yellow Pacas lot is a honey process, rather than the more common washed process used throughout Honduras. This process requires more care and attention but can bring out new complexities and sweetness if done well. In the past, Honduras has been known as a cheaper alternative to its better known neighbors, Guatemala and Costa Rica. But, quality is really improving and Finca La Tigra shows that Honduras can hold its own as a stellar Central American producer. This coffee is deeply complex with a sweet, tropical fruit aroma and flavors of apple, malt, caramel, peach, and it keeps going from there. One thing I find unique about this coffee is the malic acidity (rather than the more common citric acidity, think apple vs. orange). I chose a light roast to feature this coffee's complexity. We are thankful for Mr. Alcerro's hard work in producing this amazing coffee!

Region: San Luis Planes, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Variety: Yellow Pacas
Elevation: 5415 ft
Process: Honey (semi-washed)
Cup Characteristics: Tropical fruit, apple, peach, cherry, malt, caramel, chocolate, honeydew, juicy, clean finish
Roast: Light
Size: 12-oz

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