Papua New Guinea: Mile High

Caramel. Berry. Malt.

This complex, yet subtle coffee comes from the Arokara Coop in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I have always thought PNG was a fascinating origin. It offers some hints of the deep earthy tones of coffees grown in neighboring Indonesia but it also displays wonderful sweet and fruity notes, like a Central America, this is all supported by a winey acidity (think a bright red wine) which is something common in East African coffees. This particular lot is grown at 5280 ft (hence the Mile High name). It has a caramel aroma, a malted sweetness and berry flavor, and hints of cedar and black tea. A great all-around coffee that really displays the complexity that one lot can have.

Region: Eastern Highlands, Kainantu, Papua New Guinea
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Arusha
Elevation: 5280 ft
Process: Washed, sun dried
Cup Characteristics: caramel, berry, malted sweetness, cedar, tea, wine-like acidity, balanced and subtle
Roast: Medium-light

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