Brazil: Fazenda Progresso

Brazil: Fazenda Progresso

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Cocoa. Peanut butter. Red fruit.

Fazenda Progresso is a new type of large-scale Brazillian coffee farming. While produced on a massive scale, the coffee is hand picked and dried using African raised beds. They produce both natural and pulp-natural coffees on the farm. We chose the pulp-natural lot. A lot rides on the quality of this coffee. We use this Brazil as the backbone of our espresso blend and many of our other blends. As a single origin, it is a classic Brazillian coffee. Mild, yet with potent lingering sweetness. We love the mix of chocolate and peanut butter flavors and the subdued citrus acidity.

Region: Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Variety: Catuai, Topazio
Elevation: 3800-4100 ft
Process: Pulp-natural
Cup Characteristics: Red fruit, peanut butter, chocolate, orange, aromatic wood, spice
Roast: Medium

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