Colombia: Timaná

Colombia: Timaná

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Sweet orange. Hibiscus. Caramel.

This outstanding Colombian coffee comes from a 32 members of a co-op (ASPRO Timaná) in the southern part of Huila. The lot stood out to me immediately for its bright fruit tones and orange sweetness. I also loved the floral complexity that reminds me of hibiscus blossoms. The base is caramel and milk chocolate. We chose a medium light roast as it maintains the bright aromatics while pushing the caramel base. The Huila region has consistently produced my favorite Colombian coffee and this is a great example of one of the most versatile origins.

Region: Timaná, Huila, Colombia
Elevation: 4425-6230 ft
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Red Bourbon, Gesha and Castillo
Process: Washed, patio dried
Tasting notes: Hibiscus, orange peel, caramel, brown sugar, floral, tropical, milk chocolate
Roast level: Medium-light roast

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