Ethiopia: Guji Sibu Natural

Ethiopia: Guji Sibu Natural

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Pomegranate. Dark chocolate. Winey.

After the success of our Ethiopia Shakiso (which I really wish I had bought more bags of this year!), I looked at the other options from the Guji region in Ethiopia and found this stellar lot. From Sibu coffee an organization that runs two washing stations and works with around 3,000 farmers to help get their coffee processed well and to market. This particular lot is from 300 small farmers and really captures everything I love about a good Ethiopian natural. It is full of berry sweetness and other dark, rich fruits such as pomegranate. This backed up with a dark chocolate and a nice winey acidity (think the mellow tanginess in a red wine). We are proud to share this coffee with you. This is one to play with on pour-over as I there are many layers of flavor to discover in this complex coffee.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Elevation: 6400 ft
Tasting notes: Berries, pomegranate, dark chocolate, winey acidity, clean finish, sweet

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