Guatemala: Acatenango Geisha

Guatemala: Acatenango Geisha


Lemonade. Vanilla Peach

This is a truly special lot and represents a lot of hard work and careful growing and harvesting practices. Finca Santa Margarita is a 1500 hectare farm located in Acatenango, Guatemala. It just so happens to be the family farm of my green coffee rep, Camila at Interamerican coffee where I get the majority of my lots. They primarily produce washed lots but they have recently been experimenting with honey and natural process coffees using African raised beds. I was very excited to get my hands on this Geisha varietal (originally an Ethiopian heirloom variety) honey processed coffee. The coffee is exceptionally clean and well processed. The coffee is bursting with floral aromatics and it is backed up by a lemonade and peach flavor and a bright lemon acidity. The sweetness is all vanilla. We chose a light roast to highlight the subtle flavors and aromas in this signature lot.

Region: Acatenango, Guatemala
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 4800-5300 ft
Process: Honey
Cup Characteristics: Intense floral aroma, lemonade, peach, vanilla, sweet finish, bright lemon acidity
Roast: Light

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