Guatemala: Acatenango Quisache

Guatemala: Acatenango Quisache

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Honey. Orange. Melon.


I am very excited to be working with TG Lab, a micro-importer focused on Guatemala. They had so many great choice this year, but I settled on this one from 5 farms surrounding the village of Quisache in the Acatenango valley. This lot is processed perfectly and is everything you would want in a classic Guatemalan lot. A honey-sweet aroma is backed by notes of orange, melon, pineapple, and cinnamon with a rich chocolate base. Our Guatemalan coffees are often our most popular due to their classic flavor profile. This is the best one we have brought in yet!

Region: Acatenango, Guatemala
Variety: Various
Elevation: 5400 ft
Process: Wet process
Cup Characteristics: Honey, pineapple, melon, sweet finish, dark chocolate, cinnamon
Roast: Medium-light

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