Kenya: AA Savana

Kenya: AA Savana

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Fruit punch. Lemon. Malt.

This great Kenya lot is produced by a collection of small farms surrounding Mt. Kenya. Kenyan coffee has distinguished itself by using meticulous processing methods, such as the African raised bed which originated in Kenya and is quickly becoming a standard for great farms. They also use great coffee varieties that are well suited for their climate. Finally, they have plenty of high-elevation farms where the best coffee is produced. Kenyan coffees can be rather pricey, but this is well deserved as a truly great Kenyan lot is like nothing else. Kenya Savana is a regional lot that presents all the best qualities of Kenyan coffee with a price that is closer to the rest of our coffees. The coffee is definitely fruit-forward with a bright lemon acidity and a mix of fruit flavors and aromas that reminds me of fruit punch. This backed up with a subtle malted sweetness and a thick body. This is one of our lightest roasts as we want to fully present the fruit and bright lemon notes.

Region: Mt. Kenya, Kenya
Elevation: 5900-6200 ft
Variety: CSL-28, SL-34, Ruiru-11
Process: Washed, dried on raised beds
Tasting notes: Lemon, orange, raw sugar, malt, cherry, berries, sweet finish
Roast level: Light roast

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