Rwanda: Kilimbi Washing Station

Rwanda: Kilimbi Washing Station

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Lemon-lime. Blackberry. Cocoa.

This is by far the best lot I have brought in from Africa to date. We are super excited to be working with Muraho Trading Company, an exporter that is focused solely on Rwanda. They have been working hard with 5 washing stations to offer some truly exceptional coffees. Seriously, it was had to choose just one. We settled on the A1 lot from the Kilimbi Washing Station in Nyamasheke district. We love the sparkling lemon-lime acidity, the sweet blackberry notes, and the overall tropical fruit and floral aroma bomb that hits you when you grind and brew this coffee. I have had some great coffees from Rwanda, but this is a new level of amazing, rivaling some of the best Kenyas I have had. We chose a light roast to fully feature the origin profile and to accentuate that awesome lemon-lime brightness.

Region: Nyamagabe, Rwanda
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 5400-6100 ft
Process: Washed (wet process)
Cup Characteristics: Lemon-lime, cocoa base, blackberry, tropical fruit, floral aroma, bright, creamy body
Roast: Light

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