Tanzania: AAA Sambewe

Tanzania: AAA Sambewe

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Lime. Vanilla. Nectarine.

This is our first time bringing a lot in from Tanzania, a great origin that is every bit as good as other African origins. This lot was produced by 54 small farmers in the Songwe Mbozi region of Tanzania (near the border with Zambia and Malawi). This is a washed lot that is dried on raised beds. The AAA designation refers to the size of the bean. These are some pretty large beans. This size scale is still used in many countries, though the largest beans don’t always produce the best lots. I’ve had plenty of Colombia Excelsos that were far better than their Supremo counterparts. In this case, the AAA lot was the best of the bunch. The coffee is a fruit bomb with a juicy body, lime acidity, and a vanilla sweetness. The fruit notes on this coffee remind me of caramelized stonefruit (like when you put a peach on the barbeque). On the finish there is a subtle herbal note and some mild effervescence that helps add to the complexity.

Region: Songwe Mbozi, Tanzania
Variety: N39, KT423
Elevation: 5250 to 5900 ft
Process: Washed
Cup Characteristics: Lime, juicy body, peach, nectarine, tropical fruit, herbal, vanilla, raw sugar, complex
Roast: Light

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