Sumatra: Organic Gerlang

Sweet tobacco. Cherry. Cocoa.

This classic Sumatran coffee is certified Organic and is full of complexity. This coffee is processed using the wet hulling process (called Giling Basah in Indonesia). This is similar to the traditional wet processing, but the process is sped up quite a bit by hulling the coffee beans when they are at a high moisture level. This is done to counteract the humid and unpredictable Sumatran climate. The result is more herbal and earthy flavors and lower acidity. This process is risky, and can easily produce off flavors. My Sumatra is a good example of quality processing where the smokey and earthy flavors are balanced with a hint of cherry and a clean sweet aftertaste. The medium-dark roast profile highlights the sweetness while smoothing out the earthy tones.

Region: Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
Variety: Catimor, Typica
Elevation: 4500 to 5000 ft
Process: Wet Hulled
Cup Characteristics: Sweet tobacco, earth, cherry aroma, chocolate, low acidity, medium body
Roast: Medium-dark

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