2 for $22

We roast to order and ship or deliver that day. No questions asked. Everyone should get to enjoy our coffee as fresh as possible. But that means we have to make up minimum batch sizes for roasting and then sell that coffee. With 16 different varieties, that can be a challenge. If you love our coffee and know that all the varieties are good (because really they are!), you can save some money and help us fill out our roasting orders. We pick the coffee (2 different varieties), you pick the roast level and grind (or whole bean). It's a win-win for everyone, but mostly for you since you get our awesome coffee at a discounted rate! This is also the best shipping deal. Two bags of coffee + shipping for under $30. You can also have them sent to the farmers market, First Cup Cafe or Blockhouse Coffee and Kitchen (no shipping fee).

Roasters Choice: You love them all, we pick any two 12-oz coffees from our lineup.
Light and Medium Roasts: This is probably the best value since most of our high-end microlots are roasted in the lighter realm. We pick two different 12-oz coffees from our light, medium-light, and medium roasts.
Dark Roasts: We pick two different 12-oz coffees from our dark and medium-dark roasts.

*Also, want one or both of your bags to be decaf? Just mention it in the notes field when you place your order, and we will make it happen.

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