The lineup

I have been selling at the Imperial Farmer's Market in Sugarland, TX for 6 months now and I have learned a lot from my customers in that time. When I originally started I thought I would have a wide selection of coffees that were different each week. What I found is that once I got someone hooked on one of my varieties, they expected it to be there each week. Through that, I have created a core of five coffees that you will almost always see at the market. Each one has a small following of devoted fans who come and buy them each week (or every other week). Here is a brief introduction to the fab five, the core of my business:

1. Guatemala: Antigua Santo Domingo

Our beans from Guatemala really exemplify the best of what Central America has to offer. The flavors are very straightforward, but that doesn't mean they aren't exciting and delicious. Our Guatemala is bright and sweet, with a lingering aftertaste. If I had to choose a daily coffee, this would be it.

2. Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe

This coffee is roasted to almost the same degree as my Guatemala, but the flavors couldn't be more different. It is crazy complex, with just too many flavors to analyze. I love the blueberry aroma that wafts up from the coffee as it is brewing, and I love the snappy lemon acidity that intensifies and elevates the flavor. I think, of all of my current offerings, this one has the best aroma, sweet and fruity.

3. Java: Estate Bayukidul

Java is heading towards the more bold side of coffee. It is roasted medium dark and it has a very full body. This coffee tastes amazing in a French press. There is a bit of earth in the flavor and the fruit tones are much deeper, like cherry or blackberry. The acidity is greatly subdued. I love how this coffee coats your whole mouth and lingers.

4. Mexico: Oaxaca Dark Roast

Our Mexican coffee is high grown and stands up well to a deep, dark roast. This is the coffee for those who love the roast flavor itself. While it is present to some extent in all of our coffee, it takes center stage in this coffee. It is bittersweet with some smokey notes, and it packs a punch. But unlike many dark roasts, this one is not overly bitter. This is another straightforward coffee and it pairs well with milk or cream. While I don't normally like to add stuff to my coffee, this dark roast complements flavor additions well. Try adding a little nutmeg, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a couple drops of pure peppermint oil.

5. Marty's Blend

Our house blend is based on a classic Italian espresso flavor profile. Though this is not blended specifically for espresso, I think you will be pretty happy pulling a shot of Marty's Blend. It is medium dark with luscious caramel flavors, a full body, and low acid.

If you have not chosen your favorite yet, come by this Saturday and try a cup.

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