Yirgacheffe, my new BFF

My favorite coffee as of late has been our amazing Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. It's complexity allows you find something new almost every time you drink it. And tiny nuances of flavor from roast levels appear as big, bold differences in this coffee. Case in point, I have been offering our Yirgacheffe as a light roast and it has a blueberry pie aroma, lemony brightness, and a hint of warm spices. I tried roasting the coffee into the edge of a medium roast and I am tasting the result right now. The blueberry aroma and the lemon flavors are still there, but they are a hint in the background. Now the spices are front and center. There is vanilla, nutmeg, possibly some cinnamon and the body is even more rich. The body in this coffee coats your mouth and lingers. The sweetness is less prevalent, but it is deeper now. Now, the only hard part I have is deciding which roast level to sell. This is a prime example of a great coffee. Something that can handle a range of roast levels and that holds new flavors at each degree.

Oh, and we are taking a break this week from the market, but you can still place your orders through our website. Otherwise, I hope to see you at the farmer's market in September! 

Bryan HibbardComment