Pour-over coffee at the Market!

I am excited to announce that we will now be offering our coffee by the cup at the Imperial Farmer's Market in Sugarland. Come by and get a cup tomorrow morning. We are brewing each cup to order using our pour-over coffee bar. This is one of the best and simplest ways to make a fresh cup of coffee and I feel that it is a great way to showcase our freshly roasted beans. Just as coffee is best within two weeks of roasting, coffee has its best flavors and aromas for about 10 minutes after brewing. By grinding and brewing each cup to order, we can offer the freshest cup of coffee around.  

But what I really love about pour-over coffee is that it is a method that you can do at home with an investment of $5-15 (depending on how nice of a brewer you want). If you have been dissatisfied with the quality of your Keurig, or if you would rather stop paying $50 a pound for those disposable K-cups (see this article from the NY Times). The pour-over method makes a single cup of coffee beautifully, in fact, it is the preferred method by most independent specialty coffee shops in the major coffee hubs like Portland and Seattle. My focus as a roaster will always be the home brewer. If you can say, "the best cup of coffee comes from my own house," than I think I have succeeded.

So come by our booth and try one of our coffee varieties brewed fresh for you. And if you love it, buy a bag to take home. I would love to chat with you about brewing methods and get you set up for making amazing coffee at home.

Bryan HibbardComment