Holiday Blend 2014 now available

We've already had a few people buy our Holiday Blend and the comments have been great. I hope you will get a chance to try it in the next few months. It will be available at both farmer's markets this Saturday. My holiday blend will be different each year, but will always be based on the same concept. That is, featuring an origin that was outstanding in the previous year. This year's origin is Colombia. After getting hit with the worst of coffee leaf rust a few years ago, the country has rebounded and had a really great year producing some of the best coffees I could find. I brought in three different Colombian coffees in 2014 and I have included two of these in my Holiday Blend.

I have offered both of these coffees as a single origin. My Colombia: Huila has been offered as a medium and a dark roast as well as being the backbone for a number of my blends. It is really a balanced and versatile coffee. But the real star of my Holiday Blend is my Colombia: El Diviso, a striking microlot that is bursting with bright citrus and fruited complexity. At my normal medium-light range, this coffee displays flavors of tangerine and melon, with a bit of herbaceous tones in the background.

I took these two, very bright, fruity coffees and roasted them into the very edge of medium-dark. This longer roast profile smoothed out the acidity and increased the body. The flavor notes changed from fresh aromatic fruits to sweet, complex dried fruit. It reminds me of raisins and dates. The aromatics are sweet with a hint of baking spices. I love the deep, lingering sweetness in this new blend.

I feel like this change in profile exemplifies the Fall and Winter. Even though we have the convenience of year-round seasonality in modern life, we still tend to prefer the deeper and richer flavors that come from dried and preserved foods, and the fruits and vegetables that were stout enough to be stored in the root cellar. I wanted my coffee to mirror this seasonal change in tastes. I hope you enjoy this special Colombian blend.

Bryan HibbardComment