Happy Holidays from FBCR

Well, I have not had much time to write here, mostly because I have been so busy roasting coffee for the holidays. Thank you to all of you who chose to buy our coffee as part of your Christmas shopping. We are excited for your friends and family to get to try our coffee! If you have not gotten to try our Holiday Blend, or you want more, order now. We will only be roasting it for another week. We will be taking a bit of time off, to enjoy our family. The last roast date before Christmas is December 16. If you order online after that date, we will not roast your order till December 30. We will be at the December 20 farmer's markets and then we will be taking the 27th off. All that to say, if you need some coffee from us in the next few weeks, order now so I can get your coffee into my December 16 batch.

We have some exciting things coming up for 2015. Starting with new coffees. I just purchased 2 new lots. 1. is an organic SWP decaf from Colombia that is just amazing. It is so good, I like it better than many non-decaffinated coffees. Dark chocolate with ginger aromatics and a bit of peach. 2. is a really great coffee from Papua New Guinea. Super sweet and subtle with flavors of caramel, malt, and raspberry. If you have never had coffee from Papua New Guinea, it may just become your new favorite!

Other coffees to look forward to: I am looking at a number of great African coffees from Malawi and Burundi. One of those will be showing up in our lineup late winter. Also a new organic medium roast, I am leaning towards Peru. Other than that, I have been talking with a smaller importer that specializes in Mexican coffees, and I have not forgotten about Costa Rica. Many of you have asked for this, and I think this is the year, I will finally find one I think is worth bringing in.

Finally, we are hoping to see our coffee appear in more shops around town. We will keep you posted. Merry Christmas!

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