Exciting new coffees coming next week!

Well, as many of you know, we just had a new baby boy born in our household and in order to spend some much needed family time, we took Saturday, April 12 off from the market.

But, on April 19 we are coming back with a bang with a lot of new, exciting things! This includes pour-over iced coffee and cold-brewed iced green tea by the cup as well as three new coffees.

  • Pour-over iced coffee: This will be $3 for a 16-oz cup, just like our hot coffee and I will be preparing it on my pour-over bar. This method takes concentrated hot coffee that is brewed directly over ice. The brew is super-cooled and diluted by the melting ice to produce a perfectly balanced cup. The pour-over method makes a wonderful iced coffee that maintains all of the fabulous aromatics of the hot coffee and it emphasizes the sweetness. Try your favorite "on the rocks."
  • Cold-brewed iced green tea: $2 for a 16-oz cup of iced green tea that has been slow brewed for 16 hours. Our green tea is a Chinese Pouchong scented with Jasmine. I also add in some fresh peppermint leaves. The result is light and refreshing, and is delicious with or without sweetener.
  • We will still offer our hot pour-over coffees for $3 for a 12-oz cup.

I am also very excited about the three new coffees I am bringing in. Once I pick up the bags from the warehouse, I will put out my official descriptions, but here is a sneak peek.

  • Colombia: El Diviso: This is a great microlot from this year's harvest in Colombia. It is candy sweet with a delicate aroma. It totally blew me away. This is the best coffee I have tried this year. I am excited to bring it to you. $13 for a 12-oz bag.
  • Sulawesi: Kalossi Toraja: This coffee will be replacing our popular Java: Estate Bayukidul, which I was not able to get this year. Fans of our Java, will find this Indonesian to be very similar with some stronger aromatic wood aromas (think cedar) and an even thicker body. $13 for a 12-oz bag.
  • Guatemala Acatenango Valparaiso: This coffee will be replacing our current Guatemalan coffee Antigua Santo Domingo. It comes from Finca (farm or estate) Valparaiso in the Acatenango Valley. It has frequently placed in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence competition. It also displays a classic Guatemalan profile with citric brightness and a chocolaty aroma. This particular coffee also displays a refined orange-like acidity and brown sugar sweetness. $12 for a 12-oz bag.

Hope to see you at the market next week!

Bryan HibbardComment