Affinity Coffee (our newest collaboration)

If you have been to our market booth in Sugarland, you have probably seen him. His name is Chris and he has been a great help to me in running my little coffee bar every Saturday. Chris has dreams of doing great things in the coffee world and I am more than happy to support him with my fledgling business.

His company (Affinity Coffee) is focused on ready-to-drink bottled cold brew coffee. He is using our great beans and producing a really tasty product. The coffee is a custom Latin American blend that is cold brewed for 10 hours and is then lightly sweetened with piloncillo (a Mexican brown sugar) and is bottled either with or without organic half and half.

This is a far cry from a bottled "frappiccino." The coffee flavor shines true and is nicely balanced by the sweetness from the sugar. With the addition of cream, the coffee becomes velvety and chocolatey. It is rich without being overpowering. Come by our booth this Saturday in Sugarland to try one. I have a feeling they will go fast this week!

Bryan HibbardComment