Spring at FBCR

I can't believe this picture was taken a year ago. This was at our coffee warehouse before the warehouse was built. I am very excited about spring for Fort Bend Coffee. We have so many new and exciting things coming up, I thought I should share some of them with you.

New Coffees

I have purchased three new coffees that I will be getting in the next few months. I work hard to bring you the best coffees I can find each season.

Brazil: Maurillo Braz Borges: This is about as close as I can get to direct trade right now. I purchased a small lot from the farm of Maurillo Braz Borges. My rep at Interamerican Coffee (who speaks fluent Portuguese) got to sample this lot in Brazil. This coffee won 8th place in a regional competition. The lot was 4 bags (about 520 lbs) and I was able to get the whole lot. It is a Yellow Catuai natural process grown at 1230 m. The coffee is rich chocolate with notes of red fruit and cola. I am very excited to offer this lot exclusively. I hope to bring in more coffees like this as the opportunities arise.

The farm of Maurillo Braz Borges.

The farm of Maurillo Braz Borges.

Honduras: Sierra de Agalta: A great example of high quality Honduran coffee. From the state of Olancho, this coffee is very classic and delicious. It has a vanilla and hazelnut aroma with a nutty flavor. I have not had a chance to experiment yet (since I don't have my first bag in) but I am thinking this coffee is going to shine at the medium-dark roast level. I know for many of you, that is your favorite roast level, so I want to be sure to offer more variety.

Rwanda: Intore: A stellar blend from the Rwanda Trading Company. This coffee represents some of the best lots from 8 washing stations throughout Rwanda. I have been wanting to offer something from Rwanda ever since I got to try the top lots from the Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition last year. This coffee will be a light roast. It is a citrus flavor explosion (tangerine, orange, and grapefruit), but what I really love about this coffee is the graham cracker sweetness.

I will be bringing in these coffees, 1 a month, starting in April.

New beverages

At the Imperial Farmer's Market in Sugar Land it is time to bring out our warm season drinks. On Saturday we will offer our Japanese-style iced pour-overs and my iced green tea. If you did not get a chance to try our iced coffee last year, it is really unique and refreshing. the method maintains the nuances of a hot brewed coffee in a refreshing cold format. I really love my Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe brewed this way (tastes like a coffee lemon-aid) but I am also thinking my Papua New Guinea: Mile High is going to be pretty awesome as an iced pour-over. The green tea is cold brewed for 16 hours and is made with Jasmine Pouchong and fresh mint. Also, we are still working on getting the city to let us sell cups of coffee at the Fulshear market. We are hoping to be able to offer a pour-over bar the Fulhear farmer's market sometime this Spring or Summer.

New products

We are also offering the Clever Coffee Dripper again. This is a hybrid immersion, pour-over brewing device. It looks like your average pour-over but it has a stopper on the bottom which allows you to steep the coffee in the vessel before pouring it into your cup (similar to a French Press). Once you put the brewer on top of your coffee cup it releases the stopper and dispenses your coffee. It takes standard cone filters and produces a perfect cup every time. We will be offering a package deal at the farmer's markets: 1 Clever Coffee Dripper, 1 FBCR porcelain mug, and a 100-pack of coffee filters for $30. All you need to add is a way to boil water and a good grinder and you can have barista-quality coffee at home.

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