A second chance for First Cup Cafe

As many of you know, First Cup Cafe in Fulshear has been one of our premier accounts and they have done a fabulous job showcasing our coffee over the past 2 years. I wanted to inform you of the recent developments at the shop. You may have noticed some changes at the shop if you have been in there since June. Long story short, the shop has new owners.  Let me share a bit of their story.

Last Spring, I was hosting a roastery tour and was rather disappointed when only one couple showed up. Little did I know, this impromptu meeting was quite important. Alberto and Grecia had met with the previous owner of First Cup Cafe and were considering the idea of purchasing the shop. They came to my roastery tour to learn more about my business. I noticed two things immediately. One; they were new to the coffee world, but eager to learn, and two; they understood that the way to make it in coffee is by having the best quality. They were not interested in cutting corners, but simply wanted to produce great coffee and great food.

I shared with them some of the knowledge I had gained over the years helping other shops get open. I also shared some of my thoughts for how to grow the business. This has stated a great collaborative partnership. Sergio Garcia (head barista at Blockhouse) and I held a training session where we crammed as much coffee and espresso knowledge into the staff's collective head's as we could in one afternoon.

I can say it has already had some effect on their quality. They've got some work before they start slinging out the latte art, but the lattes are coming out with properly steamed milk, at the right temp, with a well-extracted shot. Alberto and Grecia have also been working on updating the food menu and offering some new things on the drink menu (my personal fav is a cortado served in a 4-oz mason jar, so cute and delicious).

All this to say, if First Cup is your neighborhood cafe. Great, it's only going to get better. But, if were a customer of First Cup and you got frustrated with inconsistencies and quality, give it another shot. I think you will be really happy with the updated menu and the new attention to quality coffee.

Also, they are doing a fabulous job keeping their retail shelves stocked with lots of different varieties of our coffee (there were 8 varieties last I checked), including our Holiday Blend that we just released!

First Cup Cafe is located at 11525 S Fry Rd #110, Fulshear, TX 77441. If you've never been there, check it out. 

Bryan Hibbard1 Comment