Building our coffee community

Hey guys, the FBCR blog has been dark for a while. We've been knee-deep in schematics, budgets, subcontractors, and governmental regulatory agencies. We are working hard to get our coffee bar/roastery combo opened on the corner of hwy 99 and Mason Rd. We are about 3 months behind my original schedule (which, if you know the industry is pretty good). One of the biggest hang-ups has been the post-Harvey construction scene in the Houston area. There is still so much to do around the city, that labor is not cheap or easy to find.

My crazy coffee family.

My crazy coffee family.

The good news is, after getting bids that were literally more than double my budget (AHHHH!), I have finally put a team together that is going to get this project completed (with a lot of help from friends). Don't quote me on this, but I actually think we will be open sometime in June! Ok, so here's where you come in. Even with calling in all my favors, we are still near the top of our budget (that makes me nervous as there are always unforeseen expenses). We have put together a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the equipment needed to run the shop. In exchange for a donation, we are saying thank you, the only way we know how, free coffee! You can check out the link to see how much free coffee you get based on various donation levels.

We are so thankful for the support all of you have given us these past 5 years as we grew from a simple farmer's market booth, to the biggest supplier of locally roasted coffee in Fort Bend County (that sounds more impressive than it is!). We are excited to show you just how great our coffee can be as well as give you a convenient spot to enjoy a cup and pick up a freshly roasted bag straight from the roastery.

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