Colombia: Decaf Organic

AGROSEC Cooperative

Dark chocolate. Clove. Ginger.

A simply amazing decaf coffee from the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. For most of coffee's history, decaffeinated coffee has meant sacrificing aromatics, acidity, and just general excitement. I am happy to offer this organic decaf that has been carefully grown and processed. It was then sent through the Swiss Water Process that removes 99% of the caffeine using only water. No chemicals in your decaf. The coffee displays a rich clove and chocolate aroma. The flavor is dark chocolate with notes of ginger (the aromatics of ginger, not the spiciness) and stonefruit. It also displays a pleasant winey acidity. I love the subtlety of this coffee. It is mild, yet the flavors that are presented are deep and full. If you thought all decaf tasted like wet cardboard, you are in for a big surprise!

Region: Sierra Nevada, Colombia

 Variety: Typica, Castillo

Elevation: 3950 ft

Process: Washed, sun dried, Swiss Water Process decaf

Cup Characteristics: cloves, sweet ginger, dark chocolate, balanced, mild, winey acidity

Roast: Medium

Size: 12-oz