Farmer's Market Barista- Job Description

Apply (please send resume and cover letter)

We are looking for someone with a passion for service and a love of great coffee and tea. Our farmer's market barista is responsible for all aspects of running our coffee bar at the Farmer's Market at Imperial in Sugar Land, TX (234 Matlage Way, Sugar Land, TX). This includes:

  • Pickup and drop off of supplies (able to lift 40 lbs)
  • Set up and tear down of booth
  • Preparing coffee (pour-overs) and tea for customers
  • Selling bags of our freshly roasted coffee
  • Answering general questions about coffee and our company

Currently, the job requires a trip to and from our Roastery in Fulshear to pickup and drop off supplies each week. The hours are between 8 am and 1:30 pm each Saturday (plus driving time for supplies). Roughly 7 hours total work time per week.

We will train you on all aspects of the job for two weeks (with full pay) before we ask you to run a booth on your own. We are looking for someone who can make at least a 6 month commitment to the job, and preferably is interested in working in our roastery and coffee bar once it opens later this year.

Compensation: $100 per market, + tips. You also get one free bag of FBCR coffee each week.

If you have any questions about the position, please e-mail us.