Kenya: Muramuki Kathagariri

Bright. Papaya. Coconut.

This AA Top lot from the Kathagariri washing station in the Embu region of central Kenya is bursting with tropical fruit flavors. The coffee represents the collective work of the farmers living near the washing station and is a perfect example of the amazing flavors that come from Kenyan coffee. Kenya has a culture of meticulous farming and processing and a history of using country-specific varietals that thrive in the Kenyan climate. This sets Kenya apart from almost every other origin. The coffee is deeply complex, with notes of chocolate, kiwi, papaya, coconut, and a subtle lavender floral finish, this is all backed up by a sparkling grapefruit acidity and a heavy body. My only struggle with Kenyan lots is they can sometimes just be too bright. This lot pushes the limits while still staying balanced and approachable.

Region: Embu, Kenya
Variety: SL28, SL34
Elevation: 5000-5600 ft
Process: Wet
Cup characteristics: Tropical fruit, papaya, coconut, kiwi, grapefruit, lavender, chocolate, thick body,
Roast: Light
Size: 12-oz