Guatemala: Santa Cruz Naranjo

Guatemala: Santa Cruz Naranjo

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Caramel. Milk chocolate. Apple.


This is a single-farm lot from the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala. Finca El Recreo is a third-generation farm that produces exceptional lots. This is one of those super yummy everyday coffees that is full of sweetness with a balanced malic acidity (think green apple) that is backed up with notes of chocolate and caramel. This one really opens up as it cools so be sure to savor it. We chose a medium roast to accentuate the sweetness and balance in this coffee.

Region: Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Variety: Villasarchi, Caturra, Sarchimo, Pache Salvadoreño
Elevation: 4000-6000 ft
Process: Wet process
Cup Characteristics: Milk chocolate, subtle floral, caramel, citrus, green apple,
Roast: Medium

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