Handlebar Espresso

Handlebar Espresso

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Balanced. Caramel. Chocolate.

In cooperation with Handlebar Cyclery in Richmond, TX we offer our take on espresso. This blend is based on a classic Northern Italian espresso profile. Each origin contributes to the structure and flavor of the blend. The end result ispalette filling explosion that ends in caramel and chocolate. Maybe that's a bit too much hyperbole. It's yummy, and it produces consistent crema and a lingering sweet finish. We roast this coffee in two parts and blend post-roast. Our Brazilian Natural coffee gets a more gentle treatment than the rest of the beans. This coffee is great in espresso preparations both straight and with steamed milk. It also will do well in drip and immersion preparations as well. So don't feel like you need an espresso machine to enjoy this blend.

Process: Washed, Natural, and Pulp Natural
Cup Characteristics: caramel, dark chocolate, medium winey acidity, smokey base, balanced
Roast: Medium

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