Mexico: Chiapas Jacinto

Mexico: Chiapas Jacinto

from 12.00

Smoky. Bittersweet. Chocolate.

For those who love a dark roast, this great high-grown coffee from Chiapas has bittersweet and smoky flavors balanced with a floral aroma and a lingering sweetness. It has a kick without being harsh and maintains a decent amount of origin flavor for such a dark roast. If your go-to coffee is a French Roast, you will love this bold single origin.

Region: Chiapas, Mexico

Elevation: 6500 ft

Process: Wet milled, sun dried

Cup Characteristics: Smoky, bittersweet, light body, mellow acidity, intense sweet aroma

Roast: Light French (dark)

Size: 12-oz

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